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A fatal impedance mismatch for continuous delivery

Most of the time, when organizations pursue a continuous delivery capability, they’re doing that in pursuit of increased agility. They want to be able to release software at will, with as little delay between the decision to implement a feature … Continue reading

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When building a CMDB, separate the UI from the API

One lesson I’ve learned in building CMDBs is to cleanly separate the UI from the web service API. In the Java world, for example, this means that the API should be its own package (e.g., WAR file). The UI should … Continue reading

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The virtues of cowboy development

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into myopic ways of seeing the world. Let’s talk about my favorite recent example, which is the so-called “cowboy developer”. The cowboy developer, the thinking goes, is an organizational problem child because he (or she) … Continue reading

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