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Devops: How NOT to collect configuration management data

Hi all, Willie here. This time we’re going to step away from the keyboard and get architectural. But no ivory towers here. In my next two blog posts, I’m going to give you something that will get you out of … Continue reading

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Domain Modeling with Spring Data Neo4j

Hi all, Willie here. Last time I told you that I’m building the Zkybase CMDB using Neo4j and Spring Data Neo4j, and I was excited to get a lot of positive feedback about that. I showed a little code but … Continue reading

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Why I’m pretty excited about using Neo4j for a CMDB backend

Zkybase is my first open source configuration management database (CMDB) effort, but it’s not the first time I’ve built a CMDB. At work a bunch of us built–and continue to build–a proprietary, internal system CMDB called deathBURRITO as part of … Continue reading

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Zkybase screenshots

One of the things we’re working on is an open source configuration management system called Skybase. It’s a new project, and we’re still working out a lot of the high-level vision for this thing. I’ll post more information about it … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Zkybase blog

This is Willie Wheeler’s devops blog. Stay tuned.  

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