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Pushing twice daily: our conversation with Facebook’s Chuck Rossi

At my new job we’re reigniting an effort to move to continuous delivery for our software releases. We figured that we could learn a thing or two from Facebook, so we reached out to Chuck Rossi, Facebook’s first release engineer … Continue reading

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A battle plan for devops in the enterprise

Establishing a devops platform in an enterprise environment is challenging because there are a bunch of groups who own different pieces of the puzzle, and they will generally have different ideas on how to move forward. But there’s a way … Continue reading

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Devops: what it is and why you should be doing it

Devops is a big deal nowadays, and there’s a variety of ways people describe it and its benefits. Here we’ll move past the fluffy characterization involving developers and operations working together joyously—not to mention the outright wrong characterization of one … Continue reading

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