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A fatal impedance mismatch for continuous delivery

Most of the time, when organizations pursue a continuous delivery capability, they’re doing that in pursuit of increased agility. They want to be able to release software at will, with as little delay between the decision to implement a feature … Continue reading

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Continuous integration with GitHub, Bamboo and Nexus

This is the first in what will be a series of posts on how to establish a continuous delivery pipeline. The eventual goal is to have an app that we can push out into production anytime we like, safely and … Continue reading

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The virtues of cowboy development

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into myopic ways of seeing the world. Let’s talk about my favorite recent example, which is the so-called “cowboy developer”. The cowboy developer, the thinking goes, is an organizational problem child because he (or she) … Continue reading

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Devops: what it is and why you should be doing it

Devops is a big deal nowadays, and there’s a variety of ways people describe it and its benefits. Here we’ll move past the fluffy characterization involving developers and operations working together joyously—not to mention the outright wrong characterization of one … Continue reading

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